Nm galaxy 12 km run 1st series

I collected my race kit on saturday and what a long queue there was. There was other event happens concurrently which is the melawati 10k race which is btw very near to my house.
Nevertheless I went for the 12km course in preparation for brooks half marathon coming next month.
On the race day (Sunday 16/2), I arrived rather early around 0620hrs and did my subuh prayer right on the parking lot as I could not see any surau and it was dark all around because of lack of lighting. Anyway, it was not such a big deal as I was already expected it.
So back to the race, the men’s open category flagged off around 0645 hrs and there were already few female runners in the crowd at the starting line. Organizers had to call them out as women’s open category is supposed to start 10min after the men’s open category flag off.
The route takes you around tasik titiwangsa, then along jalan tun razak passing dewan budaya and HKL, then u-turn after 4.5km into the race, straight until jalan mahameru, u-turn after 8.5km and back to tasik titiwangsa.
Mostly, the course runs flat, except when you run back towards jalan mahameru where you will crossed few flyovers.
I noticed there were 2 water stations where the 1st station is located around km4 and the last water station is at km8.5, if i am not mistaken. I was on the lookout for the 1st water station as I started off with a dry throat but I decided to forgo after seeing the crowd. This time I was running at a relaxed pace and try to maintain my pace around 5.50 min/km. The final 1km I dashed to the finishing at 4.35 min/km pace.
Throughout and after the race, I felt great, relaxed and recovered quite fast. No specific preparation or training for this race. On the hydration aspect, I took a lot of Shaklee Performance Drink hydration before and after the race. I truly recommend this drink to other fellow runners out there as your pre, during and post race main hydration. I’m lovin it.

At the starting line...

At the starting line…

Race is about to start. Any ladies in the crowd?

Race is about to start. Any ladies in the crowd?

Ran too fast...blurred image...

Ran too fast…blurred image…

On the way heading back to taman task titiwangsa

On the way heading back to taman tasik titiwangsa

Relaxing after the race

Relaxing after the race




Laurel wreath

Tasik titiwangsa morning view

Tasik titiwangsa morning view

This is how I prepare and recover...

This is how I prepare and recover…


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