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Dh lama tak menulis kat sini… Sibuk ngan Baby Zaid… Alhamdulillah arini Baby Zaid dh genap 6 bulan… Walaupun ni anak ketiga, tp tak sama ngan masa lahirkan Kamalin ngan Muadz… Mestilahkan, setiap anak tu Allah ciptakan unik dan berbeza.. 

Berpantang kali ni, saya takde amik pape jamu sbb dulu2 pun tak mkn sgt jamu tu… Kali ni saya amik supplement Shaklee jer.. Alhamdulillaj sume ok…

Next post, saya akan cerita pengalaman berpantang bersama supplement Shaklee, inshaAllah… 


Borneo International Marathon (BIM) 2014 KK

My blog has been dormant for quite some time. Quite occupied for the whole month of March due to work commitment and didn’t train sufficiently for my maiden marathon BIM KK. Anyway, I survived the gruelling 42km though all my strategy went down the drain for my first marathon event. Here’s some quick summary:

1) There was no portable toilet from KM1 to KM12 or so. At KM5 I had to pee in the bushes. Luckily I bought a bottle of mineral water just before the flag off and I held it until KM35. My instinct tells me that I just can’t rely too much on water stations as after 25km, the 3km distance in between water stations is just too demanding.

2) At KM17 – after taking an apple, sakit perut pulak. So I decided to make a pit stop at the nearest shell station. Toilet was full and had to go to McD. Did my subuh prayer there as well. Then I continued my run. At this point, there was no half marathoners yet. About 400-500m after the shell station, sakit perut lagi, aduh. So I knew the next portable toilet is gonna be the next 3km or so. So I made a u-turn back to the shell station. This time I think I started seeing some of the half marathoners passing by. From my Suunto, I spent about 35-40 min there. By the time I got out (from the toilet), I was competing with the full HM crowd. No more familiar faces of the FM crowd.

3) Then comes the infamous UMS hill. The UMS hill was tough, but luckily it was shaded with trees but the stretch after UMS was even tougher, KM25-KM30. The sun was direct on our faces. This time I started donning my running hat. More walking than running at this stretch. I think I started seeing stars at this point. The intense heat, the glaring sun was just unbearable. My first thought was, that Mulu climb, I did last 2 weeks, was nothing compared to this. Haha. My Suunto recorded a peak temperature of 38.1 C (plus my skin temperature of course).

4) KM30-KM35: after some ice packs and cooling off, I managed to do some slow run at this stretch.

5) KM35-KM42: Hitting the wall stretch. I can’t recall much from this stretch as I was a zombie at this point and just in total brain dead mode. Oh and another toilet break at my favorite Shell station on the way back. Bought a bottle of 100 plus as all the chilled mineral water sold out. Saw some FMs fainted because of heatstroke. I heard at least 4 ambulance trip at this stretch. I ran mostly on shaded stretch. Total distance covered = 43.9 km. The 42.129 km is a sham. Hehe…

Tips: If you can’t beat the sun, then please bring along your own water supply, running hat and better still, sun glass. That’s all folks…



Carbo carbo...

Carbo carbo…







ESP ni tersangatla popular dan merupakan produk Shaklee yang paling laris. Salah satu sebab utama dia ialah.. ESP membekalkan sumber protein.. Ianya sangat sesuai untuk diambil oleh semua lapisan umur dan mempunyai pelbagai manfaat dan kebaikan terhadap kesihatan, kecergasan dan kecantikan kita.


Jom baca apakah apakah kandungan dan kelebihan ESP..


Ia mengandungi hanya kacang soya non-GMO yang diproses di bawah suhu rendah.
Energizing Soy Protein Shaklee mengandungi 22 jenis asid amino dan ia adalah satu-satunya produk di pasaran yang menyediakan 9 asid amino penting yang tidak boleh dihasilkan oleh badan manusia.


  • Kandungan Indeks Glisemik (G.I) yang rendah iaitu 39; menjadikan ia sangat sesuai juga kepada penghidap kencing manis. G.I yang rendah memecahkan gula perlahan-lahan sambil membebaskan glukos ke dalam sistem badan anda. Mengekalkan paras gula yang rendah dalam badan anda amatlah penting dalam pengurangan berat badan dan penjagaan kesihatan jangka panjang.
  • ESP adalah rendah lemak, tiada kolesterol. tiada asid uric dan sangat mudah diserap oleh tubuh manusia.
  • Kandungan protein yang tinggi membantu dalam pembentukan pelbagai organ dan tisu dalam badan serta merupakan komponen utama hormon manusia. Ia juga merangsang fungsi psikologi.
  • Protein kacang soya adalah dua kali lebih dari daging, 4 kali lebih dari telur, 12 kali lebih dari susu. Ia juga rendah lemak, rendah kolesterol dan mudah diserap oleh badan manusia.
  • Ia adalah sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur – tua atau muda.
Jadi, jika anda berminat dan ingin mendapat khidmat konsultasi percuma dan terbaik dari saya.. bleh la komen di sini

ESP is back


Berita gembira tuk peminat2 ESP kat luar sana tu…

Bulan ni promosi beli 6 canister, percuma 1.. plus automatik bleh jadi ahli shaklee.. mmg rugila klau sesapa yg tak grab offer ni..

inshaAllah saya akan share apa lagi kebaikan ESP dlm post2 yg akan dtg..


Pengedar Shaklee untuk Kuala Lumpur


Dah lama saya tak post kat sini.. post pasal marathon tu sume, husband saya yg tulis..

Arini saya nak bagitau yang saya adalah pengedar sah Shaklee tuk area Kuala Lumpur.. Jadi kepada sesapa yg masih tercari2 supplement yg sesuai tuk seisi keluarga bleh la contact saya, 012-3908001.. InsyaAllah saya akan bagi konsultasi yg terbaik tuk anda suma..

Shaklee healthy home


Jom sama2 kita bagi yang terbaik tuk anak2 kita..


Luv always, Nani

SID: 893094

Nm galaxy 12 km run 1st series

I collected my race kit on saturday and what a long queue there was. There was other event happens concurrently which is the melawati 10k race which is btw very near to my house.
Nevertheless I went for the 12km course in preparation for brooks half marathon coming next month.
On the race day (Sunday 16/2), I arrived rather early around 0620hrs and did my subuh prayer right on the parking lot as I could not see any surau and it was dark all around because of lack of lighting. Anyway, it was not such a big deal as I was already expected it.
So back to the race, the men’s open category flagged off around 0645 hrs and there were already few female runners in the crowd at the starting line. Organizers had to call them out as women’s open category is supposed to start 10min after the men’s open category flag off.
The route takes you around tasik titiwangsa, then along jalan tun razak passing dewan budaya and HKL, then u-turn after 4.5km into the race, straight until jalan mahameru, u-turn after 8.5km and back to tasik titiwangsa.
Mostly, the course runs flat, except when you run back towards jalan mahameru where you will crossed few flyovers.
I noticed there were 2 water stations where the 1st station is located around km4 and the last water station is at km8.5, if i am not mistaken. I was on the lookout for the 1st water station as I started off with a dry throat but I decided to forgo after seeing the crowd. This time I was running at a relaxed pace and try to maintain my pace around 5.50 min/km. The final 1km I dashed to the finishing at 4.35 min/km pace.
Throughout and after the race, I felt great, relaxed and recovered quite fast. No specific preparation or training for this race. On the hydration aspect, I took a lot of Shaklee Performance Drink hydration before and after the race. I truly recommend this drink to other fellow runners out there as your pre, during and post race main hydration. I’m lovin it.

At the starting line...

At the starting line…

Race is about to start. Any ladies in the crowd?

Race is about to start. Any ladies in the crowd?

Ran too fast...blurred image...

Ran too fast…blurred image…

On the way heading back to taman task titiwangsa

On the way heading back to taman tasik titiwangsa

Relaxing after the race

Relaxing after the race




Laurel wreath

Tasik titiwangsa morning view

Tasik titiwangsa morning view

This is how I prepare and recover...

This is how I prepare and recover…

Osprey Rev 6 review

When it comes to backpacks, Osprey products would always come first to my mind. I was looking for a pack that not only provide hydration but must also be practical enough to secure all my essentials when i am out on the trail. The new addition to the Osprey family, Rev series kinda suit my requirements which is tailored for endurance sports and long distance running. I will have the Rev6 test review on my next post.

Overall, rev 6 comes with 1.5 litres hydration bladder and can occupy up to maximum 6 litres of space which is just enough for your gears and essentials. It has 2 large and 1 small compartments and plenty of harness pockets to fill it up with energy bars, gels etc. Comes in 3 colours cirrus grey, flash green and bolt blue. The bolt blue looks a bit plain to me.

The main feature of this pack is the digiflip media compartment located on the left harness where you are able to access your phone/ipod while on the go. Very convenient. The other feature that I love is the front panel bungee cord, which could be an easy access to your jacket or windbreaker.

The pack fits high on the upper part of your back, when strapped, it totally minimises any excess movement. The harness resembles ‘running vest’ rather than the typical backpack harness. I also love the built in magnetic clip to firmly place your magnetic bite valve.

On the downside though, the harness is a bit too tight (or too short maybe?) for me to fit it in. But once you wear and firmly strap it, it hugs you comfortably. For a guy with a small shoulder built like me, maybe fine.

In Malaysia, the Rev6 retails around RM380. Enjoy the photos..

Flash green Rev6 with the front bungee cord

Flash green Rev6 with the front bungee cord feature

'Running vest' style harness is one of the key feature of this pack

‘Running vest’ style harness is one of the key feature of this pack

Dedicated compartment for the hydration pack

Dedicated compartment for the hydration pack

Built in magnetic clip on the body wrap harness

Built in magnetic clip on the body wrap harness

The waterproof digiflip media pocket feature which I love

The waterproof digiflip media pocket feature which I love



The compartments which I mentioned earlier. The middle compartment works more like a pocket.

The compartments which I mentioned earlier. The middle compartment works more like a pocket.